Hookah Battle
Business Club
Hookah Battle Business Club is a digital community of hookah industry professionals from all over the world. Representatives of hookah communities from different countries exchange experiences and get new business contacts.
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What is a Business Club?
This is a special part of the Hookah Hub community - the first private international hookah blog for professionals. Club members have the opportunity to create posts in the Hookah Hub and participate in discussions. Also, club members get access to private chats Hookah Battle.
Hookah Battle Private Chats
Specialized chats, only for community members
Special badge
Special badge in the club member's profile
Voting Advantage
Business Club members have increased voting power (X10) in the Hookah Battle voting system and public polls, such as the Shop and Lounge Awards.
Be part of the community

- Ability to become an author and make posts

- Read and comment on the post you like

- Vote your favorite post

- Have your own reputation indicator in the system, and influence the reputation of others

Participation in thematic discussions
The opportunity to participate in the weekly Business Talk and get useful prizes: every week there is a discussion of current topics among all business participants.
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Who can become a member of the club?
Hookah bloggers
Hookah bloggers and opinion leaders
Hookah and tobacco manufacturers
Production managers and their employees
Hookah Lounge staff
Hookah lounge workers, managers and owners
Hookah Shop staff
Hookah shop workers, managers and owners
Participants of Hookah Battle
Participants of online and offline Hookah Battle's events
How much does it cost to be a member?
It's free. There is only important to confirm your status - we accept only those for whom hookah is a profession or business.
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Este site é exclusivamente para para pessoas com mais de 18 anos de idade. O site contém informações sobre produtos de tabaco e misturas para fumantes e tem como objetivo fornecendo aos consumidores confiança e informações mais completas sobre o principal propriedades e qualidade do consumidor características do tabaco hookah produtos. Se você é menor de 18 anos ou para você o tópico especificado do site é inaceitável, por favor, deixe isso.

Ao pressionar o botão "Sim, eu tenho mais de 18 anos", você confirme que você está mais cheio 18 anos de idade e você entende que tipo de site você vai visitar e concordar em receber informações, sobre os produtos de tabaco. Você recebe estas informações por conta própria por sua própria iniciativa, por sua conta e risco e independentemente são responsáveis pelas conseqüências de tal passo.

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